ia Folder is the Secure Content Repository for managing your information with a familiar folder structure. It includes role-based security, annotations, image export, check in and check out, versioning, audit trail, security at the document level, and integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications. Empower users with a customizable dashboard and readily available information analytics.

ia Print Capture

ia Print Capture is the perfect solution to automatically “capture” print files from other systems to facilitate printing, emailing, routing, and importing into the Content Repository. Need to create a template for the print file? Not a problem, a template creator is included.

ia Capture

We provide several methods of capturing paper files. You can scan directly into the Content Repository (ia Folder) or batch scan. Our software supports any TWAIN-compliant scanning hardware. Set up User Profiles and enable a multitude of image enhancement features. Automate the scanning/indexing process with barcode and batch separator sheets. Also, drag and drop from Outlook or the network.

ia Internet Connector

This powerful software allows the creation of secure portals. Need remote access? This is your solution! These portals allow network users as well as anonymous users to access their portal pages for electronic form submission into an internal workflow approval process and to access their information. Unlimited signatures? Yes, they are included! Need to attach documents? Go ahead!

ia Forms

Incorporate intelligent e-forms into your business processes. Create custom forms, import HTML forms, use existing PDF forms, and create web forms. Couple these electronic forms with our Internet Connector and ia Flow (workflow) and watch as the possibilities become endless.

ia Flow

No more passing paper- route documents/forms through an automated approval process. Unlimited workflows with both rules-based and ad-hoc routing. Customize your workflow views with dashboards. Combine our Internet Connector, iaForms, and iaFlow for a completely paperless solution!

ia Retention Manager

Why are you keeping documents, e-forms, and other content past their actual retention? It could be because you don’t have an automated method of knowing when documents have met their retention- we can fix that! This software will notify the owner of the content based on the date when they have met their retention and then give them the option to keep the content, delete the content or archive the content.

ia Full Text

Having the ability to search the content repository by words and phrases is a “game changer”. By using the ia Full Text Software, the images undergo a full text OCR and then our solution creates a fully searchable database.