South Carolina

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Electronic Document Management Contract 4400016689 Team IA’s products comprise a complete suite of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) applications with advanced characteristics that have been tailored to the needs of our customers. These products, together with the complete set of services and methodologies delivered by our outstanding staff, provide a wide range of electronic document management solutions from small departmental level solutions to state-wide, fully-integrated enterprise solutions.
EMC Storage Area Network Equipment, Software, and Services, and VMWare 4400016509 Team IA is a supplier of Dell/EMC Storage Area Network Equipment, Software, and Services.
IT Temporary Staff Augmentation 4400013483 Team IA is a supplier of IT temporary professional services to provide agencies with temporary IT professional services for staff augmentation.
PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Dell) 4400021356  


North Carolina

RFP No. 50-NCCCS-073020
Enterprise Content Management System Replacement

This contract covers the North Carolina Community College System Office (System Office) and its 58 Community Colleges for an Enterprise Content Management Replacement System that includes document management and integration of online forms. The proposal is for either an on-premises solution or a Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution.